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Carpet Cleaning

Like all textile materials, the beauty and life of a carpet depends largely on the care that it is given. Proper maintenance can add years of attractive life. The two main cleaning methods we use are Hot Water Extraction and Rotowash. 

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Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction cleaning

Though commonly called 'Steam Cleaning', no actual steam is involved in the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) cleaning process, apart from steam that may escape incidentally from the hot water that is delivered under pressure when the cleaning solution comes in contact with the carpet/rug/carpet tile.

The typical cleaning method involves pre-spraying the carpeted areas with an alkaline (7 or above on the PH scale) agent. Spots and stains will be lightly agitated with a hand brush and appropriate dwell time for the chemical to ‘work’. Next, the surface is passed over several times with the cleaning tool (wand) to thoroughly rinse out the pre-conditioner and, using an acetic acid solution, lower the PH of the fibres to a neutral state. Finally, the surface is dried (using vacuum extraction of the cleaning solutions) to avoid any possibility of saturation.

We use the Steempro Powermax SX2100 by Prochem. We feel it is the ideal high power carpet extractor for the single operator. The SX2100 incorporates a large 35 litre solution tank in a compact body design for maximum efficiency and portability. With an internal ‘whisper quiet’ intercooler motor the Steempro Powermax represents the state-of-the-art in professional carpet soil extractors.

All operatives using the SX2100 machine have received one-to-one training from one of our Area Managers who themselves have been trained by Prochem at their training academy in Chessington, Surrey.

Rotowash Method

Underneath Rotowash RB4-K

Rotowash machines are capable of producing a high quality wash, scrub and clean on most types of carpets and hard floors, leaving the floors dry and ready to walk on within minutes. The twin cylindrical contra-rotating brushes are housed within a strong compact aluminium unit that contains both clean water and dirty water tanks. This compact design means the machine is able to operate under desks, shelves and cupboards and in tight corners where other machines simply cannot reach.

It is ideal for cleaning carpets that abuts a hard floor area as both can be cleaned with the same machine. 

Firstly the carpets are sprayed with cleaning solution (no brushing of spots and stains are necessary as this is done by the machine) the machine tanks are filled with clean water. The cleaning solution and soil is rinsed out by the brushes which rotate at 650 r.p.m. and exert up to ten times the pressure of conventional rotary scrubbing machines. The Rotowash method uses up to 90% less water and cleaning chemical than other conventional cleaning methods, which means large areas can be cleaned between filling and emptying. Minimal water consumption also means smaller overall machine size, less weight to move and ease of use.

 The versatile brushes can reach deep down into the pile extracting the dirt, lifting the pile and leaving the carpet clean, well groomed and dry within minutes.

 The machines come in a variety of sizes to cope with any task. We use the R4BK - M45 for its ability to clean both small and large areas and everything in between.

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