Coronovirus (Covid-19) - 05/11/2020

Following the government's decision to move England into Lockdown from today until the 2nd December, we offfer the following advice: Continue to go to work as normal unless we are instructed otherwise by our clients. They are open because they are providing essential services and they require our services to keep their workplace clean, safe and healthy.  

Remember to wash your hands frequently (for at least 20 seconds) and wear your PPE (mask, gloves, work wear) and maintain social distancing whenever possible. 

New campaign to prevent spread of coronavirus indoors this winter - GOV.UK

Please be assured that we are continuing to monitor Government advice on Coronovirus (Covid-19). We have continuity plans in place and continue to work with our suppliers and partners to try and minimise any potential impact to the services we offer. The Health and Safety of our employees, customers and partners is always our priority.

As you know, this is a developing situation and we urge you to refer to the Government advice to stay up to date with the latest information and guidance on minimising a second wave.


  • If there's a chance you think you could have Coronovirus, do not go to a GP surgery or hospital. Stay indoors and avoid close contact with other people.
  • Please call the office and notify us of your situation so we can make arrangements to cover your job and advise you of your employee rights.
  • Please call the NHS 111 advice line, or use the 111 online Coronavirus service available at:
  • Follow the advice given to you by the NHS 111 service.


  • Please follow the NHS and Government guidance about how to self-isolate
  • Please notify the office of your situation so we can notify your place of work and make arrangements to cover the work you do there. We will also advise you of your employee rights.


We are making sure for the time being that our Cleaners, Area Supervisors and and Area Managers will continue as normal where possible albeit minimising face-to-face meetings and exercising Social Distancing.

All SCC employees know that they must alert their line manager if they become unwell so that we can make sure that appropriate cover is provided.

We are implementing a number of recommended actions to make sure our operations team are available to respond to your needs e.g. Deep hygeine cleaning and Fogging. However, due to the ever-changing situation around Coronovirus, please be aware that at certain times of the day you may have to wait a little longer than usual to speak to our team.

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