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Housing Association 22/12/2017
Hope you are well. I understand SCC attended at very short notice a cleaning incident at Norfolk House ... [More]

Community Centre Manager 28/10/2016
I just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for a brilliant job done at the centre. I was most ... [More]

Haywards Heath Company 04/03/2016
The carpets look lovely! Thanks so much for your help with our cardboard issue!! ... [More]

Haywards Heath Company 04/03/2016
I would like to thank Vladimir for giving up his own time waiting for security when he discovered a problem ... [More]

Subscription Services Company 18/02/2016
'All work carried out to high standard as usual'. ... [More]

Family Company 04/01/2016
Can you please pass on our thanks to Barry, Jerry and Maciek they have been brilliant during the building ... [More]

Hi Tech Manufacturing Co, Mid Sussex 04/12/2014
Hope you are well. The contract has started well and I do appreciate the work you have put in to make ... [More]

Hi Tech Manufacturing Co, Mid Sussex 05/11/2014
I have lots of people say they have noticed an improvement on the cleaning quality already!   ... [More]

Practice Manager - Mid Sussex 17/10/2014
Our medical indemnity insurer carried out a day-long infection control audit for us recently.  These ... [More]

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